All Souls' Day in Medjugorje

What is it like to be in Medjugorje for All Souls' Day? Watch this video to find out, and hear about the mercy of purgatory.

Paloma Pilgrimage leader, Cimela, reflected on her experience of her recent pilgrimage in Medjugorje.

"The most unique thing about this pilgrimage was going to the cemetery with all the local people and praying for the dead and loved ones who had passed away. 

Miki, our local guide, told us that all the locals were going to the cemetery for a Mass. Something I always reflect on at Mass is my grandma who passed away. I always think about how Mass is when Heaven meets Earth. 

It was crowds and crowds of people and so many flowers. Garret and I were most impressed with how many beautiful flower arrangements and how many candles were lit. It was throughout the entire day. It wasn’t just for the Mass. People kept coming all night in vigil praying there. It was really beautiful to see the people pray for the dead and to be reminded about how much our prayer helps the people who have passed, especially in purgatory. It was a reminder to pray for the souls in purgatory.

My favorite thing about this pilgrimage, and really every pilgrimage, is getting to see this place effect the pilgrims and transform their hearts. It was so joy-filled.

Medjugorje is such a special place, and I can’t believe we get to be a part of helping people experience it. And there is so much joy in getting to be a part of helping people experience it!

We had a very small, intimate group. Everybody really got to know each other.

One of my favorite things was, because it was a small group, we got to share our graces. Everybody sat at a table and we all went around sharing about the biggest grace that happened that day.

I liked hearing people talk about which part of the pilgrimage stood out to them. I shared with them that I loved climbing with this group of four pilgrims. We went to go climb Apparition Hill one night. In the pilgrimage, we go during the day, but I always love when you can go and do a night climb because it’s so quiet. There was nobody on the hill. We prayed at night. It really stands out to be with pilgrims at night on the hill.

I love climbing Cross Mountain and hearing the reflections going up the hill. It was very rainy this time. We actually did the Stations of the Cross behind the church and Miki went through the reflections so then when it was time to actually climb Cross Mountain, it was a lot more prayerful because we had already reflected on the Stations. 

It’s actually our local guide’s favorite part of the trip he says because it is a reflection of our life, how some parts of the climb are really difficult. He says climbing Cross Mountain is a metaphor for our life and then finally getting to the top and just being able to enjoy the view. You’re climbing and struggling through some parts of the climb, but you’re with people too. 

I love that climb. 

My favorite thing about Medjugorje is seeing the impact of this place and feeling it every time myself. This was my 34th pilgrimage, and it’s always impacting me. I always feel the energy of it."

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