FAQ When Booking a Theater

Here is some information the theater may ask for when you contact them to host the film there.

Movie Title: Love God’s Will: The True Story of Fr. Ryan Stawaisz

What format is the film in? DCP* (Blu-ray and flash drive also available) 

*This is the format most movie theaters use to play a film. Our DCP comes on a hard drive. 

MPAA Rated: No rating 

National Theatrical Release Day: No 

When will there be streaming/DVD? 2025

Film distributor: None

Length of film: 57 minutes

Language: English subtitles or Spanish subtitles. 

Rights: Film License attained

Concessions: Guests purchase their own.

Equipment: Some theaters will rent equipment. To save on this cost our hosts bring their own table and borrow a portable PA and Mic from their parish.

Calculating profits: 

  • Determine seating capacity 
  • Remove from your count any free tickets you have set aside for volunteers, clergy, religious, seminarians, etc.
  • Subtract 6% of the ticket price from your chosen ticket price ($13 to $15 recommended) for online processing fees
  • You can multiply above number x the number of seats that you are expecting to sell 

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at palomitafilms.cimela@gmail.com, we are happy to answer any questions. 

Here's a little video for hosts: