Thank you for your interest in spreading Fr. Ryan’s message by bringing Love God’s Will to your community! It takes generous people like you to help spread this message.

How to Host a Screening

Pay licensing fee ($700) + theater rental fee (varies based on location)

Step 1: Contact your preferred theater

  • Location: Go to their website and either call, find the email of the event coordinator, or use the fillable form for a private event.
  • Date: We recommend at least 6 weeks out to allow time for theater contracts and promotion.
  • Time: Ask if your theater allows a reservation for a 3-hour block. That allows for 2 screenings of the movie (Ex: reservation from 6-9pm with showtimes at 6:00 & 7:30) this allows for double the seats for the price of 1 reservation! 

We have a good relationship with the event coordinators at Regal. If you choose these theaters, provide us the location/time/date, and we can make the reservation for you at no additional cost. 

However, we love small, local theaters because they tend to have lower pricing! If you choose one of these theaters, or a large theater not listed above, we encourage you to coordinate your own reservation. If you would like help with this process, Palomita Films team offers this service for $350 to coordinate for you. 

Step 2: Pay for License 

Purchase license here >> LICENSE <<

  • Please include your showing details in the special instructions box.

Step 3: Sign contract & pay theater 

  • Decide if you want your movie to start at ticket time, or 5 minutes after so you have time for a welcome/prayer 
  • Make sure your subtitle language preference is in the contract

Step 4: Ticketing

  • You can sell your own tickets or Palomita Films can host the ticket purchasing on our website for a fee of 6% per ticket to cover processing fees.
  • Ticket prices are set by the Host. If you choose to use Palomita Film's ticket platform, Palomita Films will coordinate the distribution of net proceeds to the Host. We suggest a ticket price between $10 - $20.
  • Palomita Team will send updates on ticket sales every Tuesday.

Step 5: Media toolkit

  • After purchasing the license, you will receive a digital marketing kit with flyers and other promotional content with ideas for promoting your event.

Step 6: Promote, Promote, Promote!

  • This can be you, or someone you delegate to. Usually a motivated parishioner and a parish communications director make a great team!
  • Parish bulletins, parish announcements, friends of friends, social media, etc. We will provide you with ideas and content in your media toolkit. Palomita Films will also cross promote your event on our website and social media.

Step 7: Enjoy the film and the spiritual fruits that will come!

  • Since the tickets are not sold in the box office for private events, we need a few volunteers to help with check-in. We suggest 2 ticket takers, 2 merchandise table attendees (if applicable) and 2 ushers.
  • If you are interested in making your screening into an event, we can provide volunteer descriptions, a sample schedule, a merchandise bundle , and ideas for facilitating a discussion after the film. 

Thank you for prayerfully considering bringing for Love God's Will to your community!

We believe Fr. Ryan's legacy will touch the hearts of many! We are here to help, so please reach out if you have any questions.
If you would like to set up a phone call to discuss further, fill out our contact form and tell us what you would like to discuss in a phone call.