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Love God's Will Stickers

Love God's Will Stickers

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This three pack of stickers features themes from our new film Love God's Will: The true story of Fr. Ryan Stawaisz.

This phrase comes from Fr. Ryan Stawaisz reflection to not only know God's will or do God's will but to love God's will. We hope this catchphrase and way of thinking catches on! These stickers can serve as a daily reminder live like Fr. Ryan and learn to "love God's will" in our lives.  

The basketball sticker is in honor of Fr. Ryan's love of basketball and participation in the Priest vs Seminarian Basketball game. Across the basketball is the phrase, "Will you go all in?" This comes from a homily given by Fr. Ryan where he encouraged all of us to "go all in" and become saints. This homily is used in the final moments of our film. 

"Brothers and sisters, we all have the opportunity for holiness, but few take the risk to achieve it. We only get one go around in this life, and we are closer today than we have ever been to the end. Will you go all in? Will you strive, will you strive with me to be saints?"

These matte vinyl stickers are water-safe and perfect to stick on any hard, flat surface including laptops, notebooks, phones, water bottles, and more!

Each sticker measures 2.5 x 2.5 inches

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